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You won’t find any jobs here where the name of the employer has been discreetly removed. And you won’t see us shuffling CVs around or arranging obligatory intakes at our office. Simply put: we’re transparent and authentic.


You can become a part of a small dedicated team in one of the 20 most Hipster neighbourhoods in the world!

If you have strong core skills in Node.js development.

*Quality of your experience is more important than your age.


Heb jij een Duidelijke Visie op Technologie?

Vacature Interim Manager

...en ruime ervaring in vernadermanagement binnen de IT in een complexe data-intensieve projectorganisaties?

The best candidate, at the lowest cost per hire.

The best ICT, internet and e-commerce professionals: why not let e-people introduce them to you? Who would you like to get to know better? Request their CV or ask us a question!

If you’ve got the skills, then we’ve got your job.

The top IT, internet and e-commerce jobs: e-people’s got them and we’d love to share them with you. Including a behind-the-scenes look at your potential employer. But excluding a long drawn-out selection process. Can’t find your dream job here? Just register and we’ll start looking!

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We eat, drink and live ICT, internet and e-commerce. Period.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a job or a temporary assignment as an ICT Manager, ICT Architect, Project Manager, Information Analyst, Developer, Interaction Designer or Online Marketer, or whether you’re looking to hire these kinds of professionals in the ICT, internet and e-commerce sectors. We need to talk.
About your profession, in your own language (whether you speak Javanese, C#, PHP, Python or the lingo of the entrepreneur). About back-end and front-end, about SEA, SEO, B2B, B2C and conversion. About your ambitions to grow and who or what you need to realise them.

Our clients about e-people

  • "e-people stands for the new way of thinking and doing as far as recruitment 2.0 is concerned. To the point, task-driven, and you only pay for what you get!"
    Gert-Jan van Holten Jutten Simulation
    Gert-Jan van Holten
    COO - CFO, Jutten Simulations
  • "Highly satisfied. Professional, effective, and extremely competitive."
    Wido Riezebos Eyefreight
    Wido Riezebos
    CTO, Eyefreight
  • "The refreshing vision on recruitment, making smart use of social media, works! I also highly value the transparent approach that not only costs us considerably less but also encourages us to make better use of new ways of recruiting."
    Wouter Hijweege
    Business Unit Manager Operations, LEI Wageningen UR